We helped our friends over at Gnistra Kommunikation and Tekniska Verken, Motala/Vadstena with the campaign for the green bag which helps households and/or companies to recycle their food leftovers. All you have to do is to throw your left overs in the green bag, tie a double knot and throw the bag among your ordinary trash. Then the bag is automatically sorted out and processed into biogas. Smart huh?

I was involved in the concept, some of the art direction and all motion design & post production as well as the 3D environment and lighting design. Read more at our site linkin.se.

Music/Sound: Robert Lundgren A/D Union
2D & 3D Character Design: Anders Ehrenborg
3D Environment and lighting, Ulf Textorius
Rigging: Firat Can Kiral
Animation: Claire Sabattie
Motion design & Comp: Ulf Textorius

Tekniska Verken – Green bag

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